South Seattle: Mt Baker…Now With More Muntins (and a Pool!)

My tour date remarked that the inside of the house was kinda Dynasty. The exterior is sorta Tudor revival-influenced, Arts and Crafts style…complete with vertical muntins. I really wanted to title this post Muntins on the Dynasty but thought better of it.


A muntin, by the way, is the strip of wood that separates and holds the panes of glass in the top part of these windows.
I love architectural lingo.

The views through them are incredible, but around the frames of many of the single-pane picture windows I saw evidence of minor water damage. It looked to me as though water had also once found its way to the west side of the basement, which is mostly subterranean on that side, although there were no damp spots showing on the rainy day that I visited. While I didn’t care for the way the rest of the basement had been divvied up into small, smaller and smallest rooms, I saw no other problematic areas down there.

The two upper floors are best described by a candid sentence from the listing: the home is ready for a new owner’s personal touches. I agree that the interior is overdue for some updates. For instance, the master bathroom is tidily done in 4″x4″ tile with a geometric pattern I most often see lining the stalls of grocery store restrooms. I noticed that someone had a marked fondness for using bi-fold louvered doors on all the bedroom closets, a look that beats the curtains I’ve been seeing but isn’t a patch on what was probably original to this 1914 home.

Far from the sorry story of Bligh and his crew, whose title I so wanted to bastardize, I expect this house to bring only happy endings to the next owners. Actually, for $1,675,000, you’d better make sure a happy ending is written into your purchase agreement.


Beds: 4
Baths: 3.5
Sq. Ft.*: 4,150
Lot Sq. Ft.*: 17,510
$/Sq. Ft.*: $404
Last Sale Price: $255,000 (November 1986)
* Information from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed.