Sweet Digs: Say Hi If You Move Here

A Pioneer Square condo listed just two days ago lands on our most popular property list today. The building in the listing photo looked oddly familiar until I realized that it was just a block and a half away from our headquarters in Seattle. After working here for a few years I can see the appeal of living in Pioneer Square. The upside: the bars and cafes. The downside: the bars and cafes. There isn’t much else in this part of town but it’s one of the few places in Seattle where you can own a own a SoHo style loft; beam ceilings, bricks ‘n all.


Price: $579,000
Location: 97 S. Jackson St. #402, Seattle, WA 98104
Last sale price: $387,000 (8/1999)
HOA Dues: $448
Garage Space: 1
MLS: 27039261


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