South Seattle: Start Your Own Fiefdom

I’ve driven past this intriguing South Park property many times and I had to pinch myself when I saw that it had been put up for sale. Although most people don’t have occasion to drive through South Park very often, I happen to find myself in this tiny neighborhood regularly when I’m in the need of great Mexican food and sheet metal. It is a bizarrely engaging environment, as if someone threw maritime industry, nice old houses, and a highway into a paper bag and shook it.


For $649,000, you get too much house, property, and personality for me to fit into this one photograph. (You’d do best to click to the main listing to get the full idea.) Basically, it’s a 10,250 square foot lot, with two buildings included in the sale price. The larger of the two, built in the 1890′s, boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and get this: 3 kitchens! The interiors have an old-timey Americana feel to them, full of light, honey-colored wood and open spaces. It seems to have been rented as maybe a triplex, since it has a few separate meters for electrical and gas on the property, but the residents appear to have kept it in ship shape.

The smaller cottage is about 720 square feet* and is a one bedroom, one bath. In the courtyard between the two buildings, there’s a veritable cornucopia of garden art, plantings, paths and cozy nooks. The wide porches are lovely and the entire package seems rife with possibilities. You could start an urban retreat or a cottage industry. Or you could have multiple spouses. (For the record, I am not encouraging that lifestyle… I’m just brainstorming.)


The Scoop: Price: $649,000. Last sold in 1997 for a low $195,000. 2,910 square feet. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Information from sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

*I got that number from the DPD website, so I can’t guarantee it either.