South Seattle: The Lot Next Door


Yet another house on sale-happy Morgan St. has been placed on the market, and this one looks more promising than most. It’s on a quiet part of the street, at the hilltop crest above Lake Washington, which places it in easy walking distance of all the two parks nearby, Seward and Martha Washington. The house itself appears to need some cosmetic exterior updating, although the listing states that the interior has been recently improved. Oddly enough, the property has changed hands twice since 2002, but nobody has thought to add a deck or something.

A generous and private yard is one of the nicest features, as well as an off-street parking area and garage. This would come in handy regularly, as parking street-side is limited. Due to some zoning to keep traffic flowing, which helps diffuse cars from the nearby synagogue, parking is
only allowed on one side of the street.

More interesting is the vacant 39,000 square foot lot directly across the street from this house.


I did some poking around on the DPD parcel information website and discovered that the lot was purchased recently for close to a million dollars, and is being subdivided into five parcels. Each of these parcels will bear a two-story single family residence, so it’s clearly quite the project. It’s probably okay for property values, but you’d have to reconcile yourself to the fact that the view out your front door would be changing dramatically over the next year or so. Like big and scary.


The Details: Price: $479,000. Last sold in 2004 for $430,000. 2,120 square feet. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Information taken from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the empty lot looks so hot, new houses should look much better, not scary.

  • Laura Reiter

    Maybe “scary” comes off as being a little alarmist, but new construction hasn’t been terribly inspiring around here. Most often with subdivides, we get tall, skinny, flavorless houses with giant garages right up front. Everyone’s different; I guess I just prefer looking at fir trees.