Sweet Digs: Hot Condo over Hotel 1000

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This condo has waited 204 days for this! After sitting on Redfin for almost 7 months, today this pricey pad atop the Hotel 1000 finally takes the title of “most clicked“. From the photos this looks like pretty nice digs. My claustrophobic side loves the panoramic view afforded by those huge windows, it just makes the whole unit seem more spacious and open. My practical side would hate to have to keep that glass sink in the bathroom looking clean. I’d probably end up hanging a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex off that towel holder. I’m still wondering why this stylish listing is lingering on the market?. Expensive properties often do take longer to sell, and a quick search on Redfin shows a number of stale listings in downtown. Another $2 million condo on Vine Street has been on Redfin for over 2 years!


Price: $2,425,000
Location: 1000 1st Ave #2001 Seattle, WA 98014
Last sale price: NA
MLS: 26161927