Sweet Digs: Let’s Talk Bathrooms

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If you’re a practical person, you love a well planned space and nowhere is this more appreciated than the lavatory. In today’s busy lifestyle a well designed bathroom can shave precious minutes off the morning routine. Amount and location of storage, placement of power outlets and towel holders, size of mirrors and abundance of counter space make all the difference. The toilette in today’s most clicked property grabbed my attention. At first glance it looks like all you could wish for in a master bath. It has an enclosed shower with multiple heads and several conveniently placed towel racks. There are two sinks on a wide vanity with plenty of storage underneath and the power outlets look well positioned. Natural light in a bathroom is always a nice bonus too. Despite all this, there’s something that I just can’t get over.


I firmly believe, the place you use to get clean should be clean and look clean. In the photos this bathroom looks immaculate. There’s no doubt this bathroom got a good Windex wipe-down prior to the shoot. Even if you have a housekeeper come once a week to scrub, all that swarthy granite buffed to a mirror finish will be hard to keep looking great at all times. As soon as one splash of water hits that counter and dries the polished look will seem a little dingy. Splashes of toothpaste and shaving cream tend to disappear into neutral colored stone whereas on black they standout. I worry too about the safety of that slick looking floor. One misstep on a wet foot out of the shower and you could go flying. Littering the floor with mats to avert disaster would turn that sleek, modern looking lavatory into a bathmat bazaar. For my crazy rushed mornings this bathroom just wouldn’t make the cut.


Price: $799,950
Location: 4708 227th Pl SE Sammamish, WA 98075
Last sale price: NA
MLS: 27059537