Block party your way across Seattle

Tonight is the annual Seattle Police Department Seattle Night Out.

night out

Seattle Night Out is billed as a crime prevention event, but it is more of an opportunity to meet new neighbors and catch up on the neighborhood gossip. For you real estate buffs out there, this is the place to get the inside scoop on what is about to come on the market, why stuff is sitting on the market and why stuff sold for what it did.

What is really interesting is how this event brings about a sense of micro community. In my hood, Phinney Ridge, there is a block party just about every other street. For this one evening a year there is this sense of block rivalry–we have the best food, the best people, the best houses, the best location… It would be fun to have follow up event to settle the score of which block is really the best.  Perhaps a hot dog eating contest or bocce tournament?


If your block is having a party you should find a way to peel yourself away from your computer and catch up with your neighbors and plot ways to take a bite out of crime. If your block isn’t having one, wander a few blocks and I am sure you will find one.

  • Rhonda Porter

    I actually volunteered to organize our block party tonight in West Seattle…I’m slaving over a hot stove cooking up some nasty jambalaya…this is my first year doing this. I am thinking next year, we could do a cooking contest…and I like the hot dog and bocce ball, too! A neighbor who actually has a yard in West Seattle has volunteered it. Hmmmm…thanks for the ideas!