Friday Fun House

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Your house is as individual as you are. Furniture choice and updates are a peek into the inner psyche of a home owner. Some people truly steer far from the norm. Take a look at these amazing and unique homes.

Steve’s Weird House: Seattle’s Strangest Home & Private Museum!

Stephen resides in a Victorian home that is a cluttered combination of museum, library and art gallery, decorated with that old-world Addam’s Family charm. Not only is every inch of every wall covered with art, but all the ceilings are also decorated.

Star Trek Apartment

Tony Alleyne, a Star Trek buff and interior designer from Hinckley, England, was bored with his flat in so decided to give it a futuristic look.

However, rather than stopping at a couple of chrome fixtures and a big easy chair, a la Captain Kirk, Tony transformed his home into an exact replica of the Starship Enterprise.

The flat features a fully-functional transporter room, a futuristic kitchen and bathroom, voice activated lighting system and all modern conveniences. He even tried to sell the apartment on EBay, with no success.