It Could Be Worse

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In Seattle the real estate prices go up and up and everyone I know complains incessantly about the lack of affordability. Here the “average home” costs $481,000. Well a recent post from the Real Estate Bloggers reminds us that it could be much worse. Seattle did not make the list for the “Top 10 Most Expensive Markets For ‘Average Home’ in 2007”. By comparison to our sunny neighbor to the south it would seem that we’re doing pretty darn good.

  1. Beverly Hills, Calif. $2,206,883
  2. Greenwich, Conn. $2,018,750
  3. La Jolla, Calif. $1,800,000
  4. Santa Monica, Calif. $1,785,000
  5. Palo Alto, Calif. $1,677,000
  6. Newport Beach, Calif. $1,617,500
  7. Santa Barbara, Calif. $1,599,667
  8. San Mateo, Calif. $1,498,023
  9. San Francisco, Calif. $1,451,250
  10. Boston, Mass. $1,381,250

There are parts of our area that are very “California”.

  1. Medina, Clyde Hill $2,350,000
  2. Madison Park $1,895,00
  3. Montlake, North Capitol Hill, Broadmoor $1,575,000
  • k1172

    Good article…amazing how a million dollar plus home has become the standard in some areas.

    One thing I saw that you might want to double check – I believe at Medina is one ‘a’ not two.

  • Marie Hagman

    Amazing indeed… and so are the million dollar paychecks people must get in those areas!

    Thanks for the typo catch, it’s been corrected :)