King County MLS Data for August

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This week the NW Multiple Listing Service released the August data for real estate listings and sales in our area. Amy Helen Johnson focused in on Northwest Seattle and pointed out that the “doom and gloom” real estate news doesn’t apply to still hot Seattle neighborhoods in the 705 area. Let’s look at how King County as a whole fared this August.

  • About the same number of new listings came on the market this August as compared to last year but in total there was more available inventory.
  • The total number of active listings is up 50%.
  • Pending sales are down 23% for King county as compared to last year
  • Prices are up 5.75% for condos and house prices are up 9.73%


So it seems King County real estate is still going strong but the declining pending sales might be foreshadowing what’s to come in September.