Halloween at the Hobbit Hole

Recent posts on Sweet Digs Seattle: Eastside Condominium Price Reductions Past Sales in the Good Candy Zone Many people dream of building their own house to express their personal style and to customize everything just the way they want. Bryan and Dianne Bremner are two sixty-something retirees in Republic, Washington and have done just that…. Read More

Eastside Condominium Price Reductions

Excess inventory and declining pricings continue to characterize the condominium market, with September sales of Eastside condos showing a 16% decline in median pricing from the previous year. If you’re in the market for a condo, maybe this is the time to strike! This week brought the following price reductions of about $10,000 or more on Eastside condos…. Read More

Past Sales in the Good Candy Zone

It’s true: Halloween lawn decorations have transitioned from cute to gruesome. “Honey, let’s have a graveyard on the lawn this year, OK?” And then there’s the aftermath. When I moved to Seattle I thought Smashing Pumpkins was a band, not a hobby. It was early fall when I got here, then Halloween, and then it… Read More

Big Sticks, Sequined Skirts and More–Past Sales: Kirkland’s Kingsgate

Twirling girls in flowing, sequined skirts. Charging, brawling boys with really big sticks. Halloween costumes. Holiday music. Those are the sights and sounds that surround me as I sit here on the b#%$-freezing bleachers in Kirkland’s Kingsgate Ice Arena. I say that endearingly, as I sit here and freeze for hours each week, watching my daughter spin, jump, float, and… Read More

Credit Crisis and Culture

Open house this weekend: Sunday, October 28, 1-4pm 526 1st Ave S #222 Seattle, WA 98104 Recent posts on Sweet Digs Seattle: Open House: The Playhouse in the Backyard is Bigger Than Some Homes Open House: Phinney Cover House of NW Home & Garden Open House: Condo Alternative in this Seattle Bungalow Open House: Remodeled… Read More