Barking Dogs, “Illegal” Business, and More! Do You Know Your Neighbors?


First it was on the online database of cheating men. Now, there’s an online database of rotten neighbors!  From “the careless dog owner,” to “the racket maker,” to “the muffin maker,” look up your current neighborhood, or check another one out on

Users submit rotten neighbors to the site maps, and by zooming in, you can see who’s in the area.

Barking, Howling Dog:  Neighbor has a loud chocolate lab named Chewie. They stick him outside at all hours of the day and night where he barks and howls loudly to be let in. Neighbors have spoken to them about it but they don’t care. The noise is so bad that we can hear the dog with our windows closed and other neighbors have been woken up because of it. Animal Control had to be contacted it was so bad.

Hillbilly + Redneck + Monkey with Hammer:  The guy is as described…watch your animals.

Police Activity: ATF recently raided house bringing out fireworks and box fulls of stuff.

Although specific addresses aren’t given, users are posting full names, and Zoom In gets you pretty close! Lawsuit,  lawsuit, anyone?

If you find this website leaves you wanting more, see also the King County maps of local sex offenders–hey, RottenNeighbor, a potential map overlay??

  • Marie Hagman

    Ha! I like the idea of RottenNeighbor but I couldn’t peruse the site – got this: ERROR
    The requested URL could not be retrieved. Will have to try later.

    I wonder how will deal with the fact that even rotten neighbors move?

  • Kelley

    While all of this information is entertaining to read, it may not necessarily be precise. If neighbors are already at each others throats, what makes you think that they wouldn’t elaborate to make their rival neighbor seem evil?

  • katrina.munsell

    Absolutely true–all sorts of flaws in this site as an actual tool, but I think you’re right on–it’s entertainment!

    But, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there are some nice things being said on the site as well…restores my faith in human nature… :)