Good Looking, But Is There Chemistry?

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Running real estate searches has come to remind me of internet dating. You fill in your required parameters, browse the pictures that spring from the database, read between the lines of the profile description, and if everything checks out, you make a date.
Don’t Let This Happen to You
As a veteran of the internet dating scene (I might even say graduate, since that’s where I met my wife), I offer these hard-won lessons that may apply to your internet real estate search:

  • There’s no substitute for F2F. Do it early, or you’ll let yourself get all hung up on a house you haven’t met yet.
  • Your first F2F impression isn’t always right, since it’s accompanied by the unrealistic expectations you got when you saw the house’s glamor shot. Sometimes you’ll need a few dates to see if there’s a spark.
  • A red flag is a red flag. Heed it or don’t, but you’ll have to find your way out of the relationship later if you ignore your gut instinct.
  • Some houses can spruce up with a quick makeover, while some have deeper issues you’d rather not tangle with.
  • Know yourself going in — if you’re an easy mark, bring a wingman.
  • If a date doesn’t go well, don’t worry about it. Just get back online. There are, after all, too many fish in the sea.
  • Sometimes you just know. Don’t be afraid to fall in love if it’s right.