Bainbridge Island: Downtown Upzoning Slowdown?


A healthy social life is found only when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.–Rudloph SteinerCommunity Activist Sally Adams is at the helm of a grassroots petition effort to halt what some island residents view as a runaway apple cart–otherwise known as the final design for Winslow Way–presented this past Thursday in City Council chambers.

The final redevelopment plan is the upshot of a long-term planning process aimed at looking to the future of the island’s growth and managing it proactively. The arduous process was carried out by a group of Bainbridge citizens “representing a range of interests” who ” collaborated on a plan for downtown Winslow” which “focused on sustaining Winslow as the island’s center of culture, commerce and community”

The Winslow Tomorrow Streetscape Team presented the final design plans for Winslow Way which includes among other things the recommendation of a denser community core–including a large parking garage and taller building allowances.

Though Winslow Tommorow has invited public paticipation in this long range planning process from the get-go, there are those who are deeply concerned that the City–pressured by special development interests–will glean what it wants from the proposal, overlooking some of the core community values at stake.

Adams and other concerned citizens have banded together and organized a petition which calls for a halt to the costly plans and a re-evaluation of public wishes and community values.

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