Columbia City Redux

Columbia CityBuilt in 1910, the Columbia City Theater was then a vaudeville house. Now a dinner theater (food is available at the attached bar or next door at Tutta Bella, and can be brought into the theater), the venue hosts cabarets, benefits, karaoke, live music, and puppet operas.

The glove factory down the street, built in 1921, is now the Ark Masonic Lodge fabulous Columbia City Theater.* The 1891 Town Hall is now a social service organization for kids. Columbia Branch of the Seattle Public Library.* The Columbia Hotel is now the home of Lottie’s Lounge. The butcher shop is, well, still a butcher shop. Check out the slideshow at History Link, but be warned, things have changed since it was made.*

Neighborhood information is chronicled in Captain Columbia City’s blog.

[*Update: See comments for corrections from Scott, who points us to the wiki,]

One important transformation has occurred in these Columbia City area homes for sale: the price. Here are a couple of price reductions:

Price: $329,900 $319,900
3951 S Graham St
4 br/2 ba; 2,260 sq ft
MLS#: 27147574

Price: $474,500 $449,950 $424,950
4139 38th Ave S
5 br/2.5 ba; 2,720 sq ft
MLS#: 27158860

  • Sea_Realty

    The most remarkable price drop I’ve seen in this (wonderfu) neighborhood has been the gradual, oh so gradual come down of the property first cited in this blog as ‘Future Retro Real Estate, now on the market for over two years, and which has been settled for some time at $779K, down not-quite 200K from its original inflated asking of $969K. Truly a masterpiece of bad planning.

  • scott

    Hi Ruby:

    Thanks for this post.

    Today’s library building was never a town hall. It was built 1914 as a Carnegie library. The original town hall was built in the 1890s south of Hudson. It was moved to the NW corner of Rainier & Hudson (where it housed the first library), and moved again to make way for the police station. Today the old PD is occupied by Southeast Youth & Family Services.

    The Masonic Lodge was also built and occupied as a lodge. The glove factory did move into its first floor — as a tenant. It’s no longer occupied by masons. Since 2004, it’s a fantastic independent neighborhood cinema playing first-run movies.

  • Ruby

    Thanks for the correction, Scott. I’m going to correct the post, since I was looking for history on the Cinema, but couldn’t find it–my history didn’t reach forward enough to include the movie theater.