Extreme Makeover Home Edition Unveils Interior of Kirkland Remodel

Photo from Seattle Times 

If you were watching TV last night, we all got our first glimpse into the Chapin home, which was rebuilt this last fall by the Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew. If you didn’t catch the show you can watch it now, streaming online courtesy of ABC, or you can take a gander at a few snapshots of the interior on the Seattle Times

Upon broadcast, the interior of the home was unveiled, and we saw the shiny new stainless steel appliances, the custom-monogrammed pool, and the spectacularly decorated interior, complete with large screen TV/monitor and hanging kayak in the kids’ bedrooms. However, the most significant, tear-jerking updates included removal of the asbestos ceiling and floor coverings, along with the nerve-wracking moving structural support beams.

The 8-day transformation of a 100 year old Kirkland disaster into a shiny, new 3,500 sq. ft. masterpiece that anybody would be envious of, is absolutely mind-boggling, though it also represents a wonderful example of a caring, supportive community, from which many volunteers contributed many  hours to this project.

If you’ve got some free time, this episode is definitely worth a watch. As for me, I’m happy to see a local family benefit from this project, but I believe the Chapin’s old worries aren’t gone. They will just now be replaced by new ones–higher property taxes, higher utility costs, and higher upkeep costs.

  • Max

    I think your description is right on and what a sorry state. Personally I have never experienced more of an unfriendly, depressing people as a whole during my life time living in this area. And I’ve said this since I moved here in 1969. Boy, what a culture shock coming from California. You can infer all kinds of disparaging comments about the Sunshine State, but if you ever need a helping hand, on the road, GETTING DIRECTIONS, just simple socializing, you won’t find it here in Washington. Why is this area of western Washington so lonely? And why are people so indifferent in light of all the transplants? Why such a lack of genuine human connection? Do you know your neighbors? Two doors down? Three doors down? My guess is the majority of you do not.

  • Barbara

    Max you are right. I’m from California and moved here a couple of years ago. Very hard to make friends here. I don’t know if it is the weather. Some people say it is the lousy weather. I work out at a place where we might as well hang a sign, “Californians Welcome!” I have to be honest California isn’t as good as the 60′s or 70′s. People are more private and aloof up here. You can knock greyish depressing weather but never knock sunshine. I think it makes a difference in our personalities.

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