Confessions of a Real Estate Paparazza

No Pictures!My celebrity sightings are limited: I’ve said hi to Morgan Freeman and Wesley Snipes, and watched Paul Simon and Edie Brickell’s backs retreat along Central Park West. I’ve never laid eyes on Brittany Spears, and the idea of chasing after beleaguered popstars to be the first to document their misery is beyond distasteful to me.

Yet those snap-happy intruders are in business for a reason: we all love a train wreck.

Would that I were a bubble blogger, sitting in my rent-controlled apartment high above the fray of the current market. Alas, I am not only an observer, I am a participant. Our listing has earned a 45-days+ tag, and I’ve stopped checking the page to watch that number tick higher.

In the business of real estate, I am on both sides of the lens: breaking into the crime scene in search of truth, but also wanting to extinguish a flashbulb or two with my fists.

Remain positive, and you’re a Pollyanna, misleading the public–or worse, trying to manipulate them into buying. Take a negative stance, and as part of the media hype over the recession, drive buyers away. It’s enough to make a real estate blogger’s head spin.

Without opining, here are some big price reductions in South Seattle ($25,000-$50,000). To some they will read as bargains. To some they will be proof of the demise of the Seattle market. Which lens do you see it through, and which side are you on?

Oh, and smile pretty for the camera.

Price: $340,000 $290,000
11227 12th Ave S
5 br/2 ba; 2,220 sq ft
MLS#: 27026173

Price: $395,000 $365,000
9710 41st Ave S
3 br/1.75 ba; 1,440 sq ft
MLS#: 27186406

Price: $399,950 $374,950
11248 14th Ave S
3 br/2 ba; sq footage not listed
MLS#: 27207720

  • PugetSounder

    Good one Ruby, witty and smart too!
    And does it really count as a price reduction if the initial price was unrealistic in the first place? :-)