Desperate Homesellers


Wisteria Lane is not the only place where you can find total desperation. In fact, you can find it on streets across America these days, as homesellers wait and wait and wait for the right buyer–any buyer–to come along. 

However, in Australia, one homeseller, Ian Usher, is taking matters into his own hands. He’s selling more than just his house–he’s selling his life right along with it. On June 22nd, at a starting bid of A$1 (which is about 92 cents in U.S. currency), this desperate homeseller will be ebaying his life, right alongside his home. Included in the deal, is a 2006, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Amenities include: 

  • Window coverings
  • Secure, covered parking for 2 cars
  • Storage shed
  • Fully furnished
  • Metal roof, brick construction
  • 1989 Mazda 929
  • 1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
  • 1995 Kawasaki 650SX Jet Ski
  • Polaris 15 speed bike
  • Friends (Melanie, Em, Paula, Marty, Baxter, Andy, Karen, and Dazz)
  • Job (rug store assistant at Jenny Jones Rugs)

Then of course, there is another kind of desperate houseseller. There is the kind who resorts to an essay contest to offload their home. This actually pops up from time to time around the country, and in fact, the specifics are discussed in more detail by the Washington State Gambling Commission. Under this scheme, housesellers require an entry fee (like $20 or $100) to enter the contest. Since writing an essay is based on skill, technically this scheme does not constitute gambling. However, I think it’s a gamble any way you look at it. The houseseller is gambling that they will generate enough interest and contest entries to cover the cost of the home, and the entrant is gambling that the whole thing isn’t a scam to begin with.