Open House: 3br Rambler with Views of Puget Sound

Open House Date and Time:
Sunday, March 23rd, 1-4pm

1002 W Mukilteo Blvd.
Everett, WA 98203


Coffee shop of choice: Espresso Milano is a quick 2 block walk east or an easy stop on your way to town. It makes a great stop as you head to the beach “the long way around” or when you stop at the fruit stand next door. They’ve been making great espresso for years.

Favorite restaurant in the area: Our first restaurant experience in the area was on the deck of Arnie’s in Mukilteo, taking in the sun. It remains a great place to eat, rain or shine, because the sound and bay unfold in front of you and the clam chowder is sensational!

Favorite place(s) to go: Howarth Park is one block away, and a walk through it is to track the seasons. A few years ago a storm made it a pedestrian only experience so we’ve also tracked the progress of Mother Nature restoring herself. We always cross the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks to the outlook and then descend to the beach or walk up the road to the other side of the ravine to a tiny park which overlooks the harbor and Port Gardner Bay. There are two wood benches initialed by years of lovers. It’s the perfect place to sit and share the blackberries picked on the way.

Best features of the home: Our home is above the Boulevard with a westerly view of the Sound from the living room, deck, and patio. In contrast the northern view is green – nuances of green even in winter from the cedar and fir trees and the 30’ noble fir in the corner of the yard. While the living area is open and angular with big windows, French doors, and abundant light, the backyard remains a favorite spot with us; it is private, planted with fruit trees and berries, rhodies and roses. It also has a terraced bluestone patio and a double view of the Sound and Port Gardner Bay. Our deck is great for summer sunbathing and dining. Sitting above the Boulevard further enhances the sense of privacy.


Favorite room: The living room is a great space for entertaining a crowd or getting cozy in front of a wood fire in the fireplace. It’s a bright and open area. The vaulted ceiling, angled corner, bay window, and brick fireplace add to the architectural interest. The fireplace would be the focal point if it weren’t so easy to look at the sky and trees, or the infinity of the islands across Admiralty Inlet.

Most Romantic Spot: The bench at the look-out near north the entrance to Howarth Park on Olympic Boulevard is a favorite with us. We talked about it in “Favorite Places.” While we haven’t carved our initials in the bench, we may have kissed there once or twice.

What’s in the neighborhood: Our neighborhood is a tapestry of single family homes and trees edged with the beach and creeks. Two waterfront parks are within walking distance, as well as Forest Park which has a remodeled pool. For the bike enthusiasts, the Boulevard has a bike lane. Two blocks east is a small business center which includes Espresso Milano, a fruit stand, a dry cleaners, a tackle shop, a 76 station, and a church.

What we will miss the most: We will most miss our neighbors. From the day we moved here in January of 1992 we have felt completely welcome and a part of this little community of four families. Over the years some have moved on while others have arrived. It’s been kind of a global adventure getting to know everyone and each is a gem. From sharing fruits and flowers to cat sitting and just generally watching out for each other this has been a wonderful place to land.