Notable in Bellevue


Noteworthy Bellevue props this week include the following:

A seriously motivated seller. At a price of $335,000, this would be $90,000 less than the property was purchased for just about 2 years ago. Though the house is relatively small, it’s priced significantly lower than the neighbor, who is less than one-third of a mile away.

16240 SE 8th St
4 br/2 ba, 1,770 sq.ft.
Price $335,000 ($189/sq.ft.)
MLS 28072380
On Redfin 1 day

Some good lookin’ digs. On sale since October of 2007, this home is on its fifth price drop, though each one has been pretty insignificant on its own. However, together they add up to $30,000 less than the original listing price, and the home includes some newer amenities, which makes it worthy of a look. Compare it to the neighbor for sale down the street to get the big picture.

1040 148 Dr SE
3 br/2.5 ba, 1,910 sq.ft.
Price: $619,950 ($335/sq.ft.)
MLS 27185443
On Redfin 198 days

One that’s gonna skew the month end median sales price when it closes. On the other end of the spectrum, who says money’s tight all over? There are still some fat wallets floating around, and apparently the Eastside is known for having them:

On the average, Eastsiders make and spend more than other King County residents. A recent Scarborough Research report showed that households east of Lake Washington make an average of $81,750, compared with a county average of $64,510. The same report showed residents in those higher-income areas also tend to spend more on clothing, cosmetics and jewelry.

Source: Seattle Times

This must be true, since this week, this $3 million  shin dig moved from being an active listing into the inspection phase:

434 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE
5 br/5 ba, 6,800 sq.ft.
Price: $3,000,000 ($441/sq.ft.)
MLS 28028460