Alki Beach Condos and Townhouses

10955223_27a7080718.jpgHouses are expensive. Even in the current climate of sliding prices and growing inventory it’s still not cheap to get into a medium sized house (1500-2000 square feet, 2-3 bedrooms) that’s within 15 minutes of downtown Seattle. In West Seattle, expect to pay at least $500K, and most likely around $600K for a so-called “average” house.

Maybe that’s not your speed anyway. Townhouses and condos have sprouted up all over West Seattle in recent years, and there are some of them available near Alki Beach right now:

3012 60th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

There are three units available. The listing says 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, but that doesn’t sound right for a 1,665 square foot place. Most likely they are 3 bed/1.5 bath each. In any case, they are $487K each. These have been on Redfin for 59 days.

3014 60th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Also three units left. Three bedroom, 1.5 baths for 1,604 square feet at $469K.

3043 59th Ave SW A
Seattle, WA 98116

One unit. Three bedroom, 2.75 baths with 1,490 square feet for $469K. The main dining and kitchen area has a wide open floor plan, and 2.75 bathrooms is always nice when you have house guests. This one has been on the market for 66 days and has come down $20K since March.

2610 Marine Ave SW #A
Seattle, WA 98116

Have a look at this one for something a little more swanky. It’s 3 bedroom/3.5 baths at 1,850 square feet for $998K–or $539 per square feet. Aside from looking modern, having huge west-facing windows, and being brand new, it’s in a perfect location. It’s about a hundred feet from Alki Ave, and another 50 feet or so to Alki Beach. The roof deck is also a nice touch, given the spectacular sunsets to the west.

Living close to Alki Beach is one of the best parts of living in Alki. The beach runs from just north of these properties up and to the east around Duwamish Head to the east side (facing downtown Seattle). On most days–especially in the summer–there are loads of joggers, roller bladers, and cyclists, and on the weekends it is a popular spot for kayaking or just hanging out at the beach. The Elliot Bay Water Taxi runs from April to October, giving you a 15 minute ride to downtown Seattle.

You can also get a good view of Queen Anne, Magnolia, or downtown if you get a condo toward the north tip of Duwamish Head and you can afford to spend around seven figures:

1502 Alki Ave SW #202 (2 bed, 2.5 bath, 1,714 sf, $770K)

1226 Alki Ave SW #4100 (2 bed, 2.25 bath, 2,000 sf, $1,550K)

1005 Harbor Ave SW (2 bed, 2.25 bath, 1,735 sf, $975K)

 photo credit Flickr user y-a-n