Local 4th of July Fireworks Displays and Regulations


The 4th of July is headed our way, and the local celebrations planned are a-plenty! You can see public fireworks displays at:

Or, if you live in unincorporated King County, you also have the option of celebrating at home and tormenting your neighbors. King County regulates:

  • Fireworks may be discharged only on July 4 from 9 a.m. to midnight.
  • Fireworks sales are legal beginning at noon on June 28 until 11 p.m. and then daily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. through July 4. No sales can occur after July 4.
  • To purchase fireworks you must be at least 16 years of age with picture identification.    

Specific discharge regulations by area are:

Auburn - 4th of July only
Bellevue – Banned
Black Diamond – 4th of July only
Bothell – 4th of July only
Burien – Banned
Carnation – Banned
Clyde Hill – Banned
Covington – 4th of July only
Des Moines - Banned
Duvall – 4th of July only
Enumclaw – 4th of July only
Federal Way - Banned
Hunts Point – Banned
Issaquah – Banned
Kenmore – Banned
Kent – 4th of July only
Kirkland - Banned
Lake Forest Park - Banned
Maple Valley – 4th of July only
Medina – Banned
Mercer Island - 4th of July only
Newcastle – 4th of July only
Normandy Park – June 28 to July 4
North Bend – 4th of July only
Pacific – 4th of July only
Redmond - Banned
Renton – Banned
Sammamish - Banned
SeaTac – Banned
Seattle – Banned
Shoreline – Banned
Skykomish – 4th of July only
Snoqualmie – 4th of July only
Tukwila – Banned
Woodinville - Banned
Yarrow Point – Banned

However you decide to celebrate, plan to play it safe this 4th of July!

  • Susan

    I just want to know if fireworks are banned in the City of Seattle, why are there people who are doing fireworks, legal and illegal, in Lake City?? No one stops them and they start long before the 4th and continue long after the 4th. Not once has anyone ever been stopped. It’s so annoying.

  • Natasha

    Have you ever have kids Susan??? GET A LIFE! Do you have any grandkids that you can enjoy some sparklers with…Have a little FUN LADY!! You know you get less wrinkles smiling! :)

  • Sarah

    I think there should be fireworks as long as you keep it safe. Remember ever being a kid? How much fun & excitement watching them & helping your parents or older brother & sisters let them off? Well as long as you keep it simple & safe, then we should beable to let our kids enjoy what we got to experience as kids. I think banning is a little ridiculous! Now, because of that, we can’t have fun with our kids! NOT COOL!

  • Sara

    I just moved here from kansas, and now I live in Federal way where I see they are banned…boo! Fireworks has lonnng been one of my favorite parts of 4th of July..I think as long as you are safe. I know there are MANY injuries and fires, so for such a heavily populated area like this I suppose I see why they place such strict standards…but come on!! I’m like many who think its my right as an American to celebrate my countries independence with as many loud beautiful fireworks as I want lol!!! Think of all the people in this world how still do not have freedom! Looks like ill be heading to boom city on muckleshoot!! Its not enough to just watch a display at night..plus I’m sure traffic for any of those shows is going to be horrific! Happy 4th everyone :)

  • Mark

    Is there a fireworks show at Muckleshoot this firday? What time?

  • YZ

    Seriously, don't be a hard ass and have some fun. This world is getting WAY too safe. Neighbors, suck it up! It only happens once out of 365 days.

  • Jagritgill

    Plz unbanned fireworks in burrien
    Because banned in burien makes me mad I can't light firework
    We don't get to gather and have fun