Condo Owners: +1

pool.jpgEveryone Else: -1 and Really Sweaty
The decision to buy or not buy a condo has been debated for years. Most people would be happy to give you their opinion on the subject. I’ve found people either fall on the supportive line or on the complete opposite side called, “OMG, don’t even waste my time with that horrible, absolutely profitless *%#@ of a question.” Throw in the current economic frenzy, and the opinions become squarer.

One thing is for sure: condos offer access to amenities traditionally available to only very expensive, seven figure homes. Do amenities always aid appreciation or home values? It’s iffy, but something can be said for enjoying the perks in the meantime. The amenity of discussion right now is the pool.

In the few months (or weeks, ugh) of hot Seattle weather, we all become envious of pool dwellers. So jealous, that even the unsupportive people noted earlier start thumbing through the rolodex for their condo-investing friends. Interested in 24-7 pool access but don’t have the bling for lakefront property or the infinity pool?

Check out these Eastside condos. All have pools. Some recently dropped prices in the past week.

5720 122nd Ave SE #172, Bellevue
$170,000 (Dropped $5K)
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Outdoor pool
Other cool amenities? Internet, Cable TV, Athletic Court

1315 S Puget Dr #C23, Renton
$174,000 (Dropped $5K)
2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom
Outdoor pool
Other cool amenities? The pool kind of sums it up.

14105 SE Renton-Maple Valley Rd #S-105, Renton
$255,000 (New this week)
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom
Outdoor pool
Other cool amenities? Hot tub, exercise room, game/rec room

202 Mt Park Blvd SW #B101, Issaquah
$289, 900 (New this week)
2 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom
Outdoor pool (image featured at top)
Other cool amenities? Hot tub 

  • Laughing at Flippers

    How are those 500k 1BR’s doing.

    Do you dare calculate MOS on them?

    I didn’t think so.