More Historic Seattle Real Estate: Great Ladies

Inspired by Rick’s recent Historic Seattle Real Estate post on Capitol Hill’s slough of Anhalt condos, I did a little property time-warping, too. And guess what I found: A handful of Great Ladies (that is, Victorian-era homes) scattered throughout the Central District. While most of these homes have been reinterpreted interior-wise over the last 108 years, all of them bear the deep baseboards, old-world lintels and doorframes, formal rooms, and even some of the super-storage built-ins of that prim and proper era. If you’re looking for a home that will take you back to the Age of Innocence, look no further.

2310 E. Pike
Price: $469,924
Specs: 3 bd/2 bath
Size: 1,770 square feet

406 21st Ave.
Price: $499,000
Specs: 4 bd/3 bath
Size: 2,340 square feet

824 21st Ave.
Price: $550,000
Specs: 4 bd/2.5 bath
Size: 1,860 square feet

1811 E. Spring {Duplex!}
Price: $899,950
Specs: 4 bd/2.75 bath
Size: 2,600 square feet