Seattle 6th Most Walkable City


Between the obscene price of gas, bulging bellies, and green guilt, walking is once again in vogue. We’ve posted about WalkScores on SweetDigs before, but I wanted to share with you the latest WalkScore rankings.

While Seattle didn’t make it into the top ten most livable cities, we rank number six in terms of walkability. San Francisco came in first, followed by New York, Boston and Chicago.

Given the list, it appears large, densely-packed cities are the most walkable. No surprise there; big city neighborhoods have restaurants, entertainment and other services demanded by their inhabitants. The ‘burbs on the other hand (including several of the so-called most livable cities), with their open spaces and strip-mall-services, require daily car excursions.

Though walkability is just one factor among many of a home’s overall appeal, in the current environment, it’s gaining importance. I’m thinking it won’t be too long before walk scores are included as a matter of practice in most MLS listings.

  • Ben

    This is an admirable idea, the whole WalkScore thing. But I find the data close to useless because they use “as the crow flies” distance to calculate how close things are to you. This grossly underestimates the distance that you need to walk.

    They do acknowledge the problems with their methology though, and it is a desirable trait for a city to have (Sydney, Australia is very walkable, even in the burbs).

    Seattle needs to focus on its problems with crime and grime in the downtown area. You can’t walk more than 3-4 blocks in any direction without feeling like you hit the ghetto.

  • rama

    Huh? Where are you originally from? If you lived here 20 years ago, you’d probably have foamed at the mouth and wish you were a crow so you could lift off out of the downtown area!