Castle? Yes Please!

Future Castle Home“I want to live in a castle.”
“What? Like in Scotland?”
“No, like the home in Kirkland.”
“You can’t be serious.”
“Kind of am.”
“I would consider a tree house too.”
“OMG. I don’t know you.”

I’ve had this conversation many times and you can probably guess which side of the discussion I fall on. Houses modeled after castles are neat. They don’t need dungeons, rats and ghosts, but a century-old wine cellar would be nice.

A house in a tree, a medieval enceinte, or even an unusually built wrap-around porch, adds distinction and quirkiness that is missing in so many neighborhoods. Some brilliant mind east of Market Street in Kirkland built his/her home with castle influences—crenellations and all.

Whether or not these homes sell well is another question, but you would have so much FUN living in them. Not sure where to find a fun home,? Check out these for a start.

748 Vashon Pl NE, Renton – $748,818
You always wanted to live in a pink castle, right?
Price recently dropped $26,000.

15222 SE 82nd Ct – Newcastle – $1,434,900
Fine, this home is not a castle or a tree house, but OMG look at all the windows! The architect was certainly pulled towards geometric shapes. I won’t make reference to the name of the city because that would be too easy. 
Price recently dropped nearly $100,000.

4131 80th Ave SE, Mercer Island – $845,000
Mercer Island loves its homes in the trees. This home is not marketed as  a treehouse home but the greenhouse/sunroom situated above what looks like a rainforest, reminds me of the jungle.
P.S. I have that bedding in the Master bedroom and it’s lovely. If you buy this home, try and negotiate it in.

9603 SE 61 Pl, Mercer Island – $2,050,000
The all-white exterior reminds me of a Costa Rican getaway for the rich and famous. For the price, we at least have the rich part.

  • ellie.fields

    I agree. If you’re going to live in a castle-styled house, go all the way: turrets, moat, gargoyles. Work it. But don’t build a mega-mansion with some castle-esque features that fall short of striking fear into the hearts of attackers.

  • Stephanie

    If you want to see a castle…check out this one in Issy!

  • Tera Randall

    Stephanie – that home is right out of a story book! I love it. Thanks for finding it.

  • Tera Randall

    Ellie – Ha! I want to see moats and gargoyles in Kirkland. That WILL strike fear into Eastsiders (or more likely, to city council folks).

  • Meez

    I found this site through a google image search, I am moving into a Castle!! Yay! I am so excited, and also glad to see there are fellow castle-lovers out there!

    It’s in a small city in Canada, and is a 3 storey house made into apartments. All brown brick, taller than it is wide, and turrets of course! Beautiful! Thinking about making a moat, but not sure what my landlord would say about it!


    i like this house it is so big and cool

  • Bgmb

    Burg Eltz Germany.

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