Heads Up, Real Estate Data Freaks! Redfin’s Done it Again!

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Real estate data freaks, did you see the latest Redfin release?!

Now you can see what’s really going on with your neighborhood’s prices, right now: dollars per square foot, numbers of homes for sale, days on market, price reductions. We split out condos and houses because they’re priced so differently. The pricing graphs show listings and past sales separately, so you get a view of what sellers expect and what they really got. We give you a list of all the price-reduced homes, all the open houses, all the recent sales. It’s FASCINATING. (Read more from Glenn here.)

However, before you snag a peek, clear your calendar for the rest of the day, because once you get sucked up in all the new data, you’re gonna be hooked! It’s totally awesome!

I love the fact that you can now look at real estate data down to the neighborhood. What’s more, within these regions, cool tabs show off new listings, price reductions, open houses, and the most and least expensive houses in the area. Then, of course, there are trend graphs which tell all about the number of houses and condos on the market and give price trends for each. My favorite part is the graph called “Should I Wait for a Price Reduction?” Admittedly, this does take some work to understand and interpretation on your part, but the time investment is worth it. It’ll give you a better picture about what’s going on in the market and how quickly  homes are being sold or taken off the market.  To wrap it all up, the latest sales stats are given in a table at the bottom of the page to give you the skinny on the region’s market. 

Then, of course, once you have a few good home candidates in mind, there are some cool new tools to make your search even easier on Redfin. You can fool with your Favorites–mapping, deleting, sorting, and tours are now even easier to schedule. Finally, talk about getting to know your agent–Redfin now publishes a list of their agents’ transaction histories, including customer ratings! YOWZA! That’s putting it it all out there!

Really. Take a few minutes to play around the site and give the new features a whirl. It’s VERY COOL and you won’t want to miss it!