School Discussions Zone on Real Estate

back-to-school.gif Yeah! The little ones go back to school this week. Maybe the not Bellevue children, but that’s an entirely different story. Seattle PI writer Aubrey Cohen posed his blog readers with this question today: “How much do schools affect the market in Seattle area cities and neighborhoods?”

Fantastic question, and I would answer schools have a HUGE impact on real estate. Then I started to think about our top-notch schools in the area. Bellevue, Sammamish, Bainbridge Island and Ballard jumped to mind. Four Bellevue high schools consistently make Newsweek’s top 100 schools list. According to a Newsweek article,  International Community School in Kirkland was too elite to even be considered for the annual top public high school list. Those cities all have boosting real estate economies.

What do you all think? King County school districts aren’t perfect by any means, but do you think the quality of schools have an impact home values? Did any home owner besides me ooze ear to ear smiles when the new—and beautifully constructed—Woodridge Elementary School in Bellevue landed at the top of our hill?

Anticipating your answers, here are a few homes for sale near top-rated Eastside schools.

3034 128th Ave SE #21, Bellevue – $339,950
2bd, 1 ba
Near Woodridge Elementary (so it’s not top rated yet, but give it five years)

10925 NE 66th Pl, Kirkland – $869,950
4 bd, 2.75 ba
Near International Community School

12628 SE 56 St, Bellevue – $548,880
4 bd, 2.5 ba
Near Newport High School

20435 NE 31st St, Sammamish – $1,295,000
4 bd, 5 ba
Near Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary School

  • Maria

    I think it does have an impact at least it did for our family.

    We moved from Kent to Bellevue specifically for the schools. We mapped out a specific neighborhood we wanted and then scrimped and saved for two years just to move here.

    We often wish we could move to a more affordable area so that we didn’t have to deal with our 50 year old house but then we would have to leave our school. In our case, a Spanish Immersion public school. I have yet to locate another one any where in the state.

    It isn’t for everyone… but we were willing to pay a premium and then some for it…

  • Tera Randall

    Maria – interesting story and I don’t think you are alone. I’ve heard from and talked to many people in your situation.

  • Jay Melo

    Maybe buyers automatically assume they are getting a deal based on the location. Also, you don’t have to worry about noise neighbors!