(Twilight) Exit Stage Left

Twilight ExitBig neighborhood dish over at the Central District News: sounds like the Twilight Exit bar, now located at 22nd & Madison across from the former home of Deano’s corner grocery, is going to find its own sweet digs further south in the CD.

Regular CD News blogger Scott reports that the bar, which is slated for demolition (developer Jim Mueller hasn’t settled on a date as yet), will make its new home at 25th & Cherry. His source? Miller Park Neighborhood Association Chair and Miller Park blogmeister Andrew Taylor. Word of the Exit’s exit hasn’t shown on Taylor’s blog, but our eyes are peeled.

Anyone heard anything to corroborate? To the contrary?

  • Stephan

    The Twilight Exit will move to 25th and Cherry. It will open there in late Nov. or early Dec. Wish us luck!

  • http://blog.redfin.com Allison Arth

    Awesome news; thanks, Stephan. Best of luck in your new place!