Wells Fargo Tops Seattle Area Lending

The other day I got an interesting email from Mortgage Data Web with the top mortgage lenders in Seattle for January of this year. I broke out the purchases from the re-fi’s to give you a sense of who the top players are.

Top Seattle mortgage lenders for purchases*:

Lender Purchases
1. Wells Fargo 75
2. Boeing Employee Credit Union 37
3. Bank of America 21
4. Countrywide 20
5. JP Morgan Chase 16

And if you’re looking for a re-fi here are the busiest ones:

Lender Re-fi’s
1. Wells Fargo 506
2. Boeing Employee Credit Union 496
3. Countrywide 356
4. Provide NT Funding Associates 233
5. Cobalt Mortgage 200

*Note the don’t have the breakout data for MetLife. Who overall is the fourth largest lender.

It’s interesting to note the huge re-fi boom, the unpopularity of ARMs and what seems to be a relatively high number of construction loans all things considered.