Redfin Seattle Agents Claim the Top 6 Spots in King & Snohomish Counties for January, February & March 2010!

Redfin Seattle agents took the top 6 spots for King & Snohomish counties in January, February, and March 2010! Of the 4,000+ buyers’ agents who closed a deal in the first three months of the year, the top six and the tenth agent work at Redfin.

These numbers come from the NWMLS, which tracks real estate transactions in Washington state. We ranked buyers’ agents in King & Snohomish Counties first by number of purchases of single-family homes and condominiums in December, then by total dollar amount.

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
1 Loren Ellingson Redfin 23 $10,675,625 4.6 stars
2 Allie Howard Redfin 18 $11,272,425 4 stars
3 Gordon Majack Redfin 18 $7,448,400 4.4 stars
4 Trevor Smith Redfin 15 $7,035,406 4.8 stars
5 Febe Cude Redfin 13 $5,601,960 4.5 stars
6 Robin McCue Redfin 11 $4,766,250 4.6 stars
7 Henry Ung John L Scott, Inc. 11 $3,583,500 not available
8 Angela Hardy Prudential Northwest 11 $2,874,481 not available
9 Stacy Larson Prudential Northwest 10 $2,466,318 not available
10 Cheryl McLaine Redfin 9 $5,351,435 4.3 stars

Six more of our Seattle-area agents closed deals in the past three months, including two in the top 20:

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
12 Klaus Gosma Redfin 9 $3,379,900 4.8 stars
19 Corey St. John Redfin 8 $3,225,450 4.7 stars
56 Kevin Broveleit Redfin 5 $2,052,822 4.6 stars
110 Earnest Watts Redfin 4 $1,926,500 4.3 stars
2,597 Bryon Ziegler Redfin 1 $322,500 4.8 stars

When you work with Redfin, you get great customer service while working with some of the most successful and active agents in the region.

Most agents spend around 80% of their time finding new clients, but Redfin agents don’t need to prospect since folks come to us on As a result, Redfin agents can spend all their time serving clients: answering questions, hosting home tours, writing and negotiating offers, and listing homes. Redfin agents are experts in today’s market because they spend more of their time in the market.

Our Clients Love Our Service

We survey every client and track every transaction in a central customer database. For the surveys we received in the first three months of the year from our clients in the Seattle area:

  • 180 clients responded to our customer-satisfaction survey and posted a review online
  • 172 of those clients, or 97%, would recommend Redfin to a friend

We ask customers to rate the likelihood that they would recommend Redfin to a friend on a 0-to-10 scale. Customers who rated 6 or higher count as people who would recommend Redfin to a friend. To learn more about how we survey our clients and calculate the customer ratings, check out our FAQ on agent reviews.

  • Marc

    Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on the great numbers. I’m curious, where do you get this data?

  • Lisa Taylor

    Hi Marc,

    We get this data directly from the NWMLS, the local service that King & Snohomish county agents use to list homes and record sales.

  • Marc

    I just called the NWMLS to ask if I could the list and the lady I spoke to told me they do not calculate any such individual numbers. Was she mistaken?

  • Lisa Taylor

    The NWMLS doesn’t actually calculate these numbers themselves. We get the data directly from them because Redfin is a brokerage and member of NWMLS. Our data engineer did a query for January, February and March of all the agents that did at least one deal on the buy side of the transaction. Then, we dump it into Excel and sort based on total number of deals completed and then by total $ amount. Feel free to shoot me an email ( if you’d like to discuss more.


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