Redfin Agents Take the Top 8 Spots for Buyer’s Agents in King County

Redfin Seattle agents took the top 8 spots for King & Snohomish counties in April, May & June 2010! Of the 5,000+ buyers’ agents who closed a deal in the second quarter of the year, the top 8 and the agents in 12th, 13th, 14th, & 15th work at Redfin.

These numbers come from the NWMLS, which tracks real estate transactions in Washington state. We ranked buyers’ agents in King & Snohomish Counties first by number of purchases of single-family homes and condominiums in April, May & June, then by total dollar amount.

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
1 Loren Ellingson Redfin 19 $10,265,249 4.5 stars
2 Febe Cude Redfin 19 $9,098,463 4.5 stars
3 Robin McCue Redfin 19 $8,674,550 4.8 stars
4 Kevin Broveleit Redfin 19 $8,188,450 4.6 stars
5 Trevor Smith Redfin 17 $6,914,388 4.6 stars
6 Gordon Majack Redfin 15 $6,755,795 4.6 stars
7 Cheryl McLaine Redfin 15 $6,080,300 4.5 stars
8 Corey St. John Redfin 13 $5,010,900 4.6 stars
9 Jeff Latham Asset Realty Group 13 $2,945,800 not available
10 Hong Xu Skyline Properties, Inc. 12 $6,745,400 not available
11 Qin Du Skyline Properties, Inc. 12 $5,936,950 not available
12 Bryon Ziegler Redfin 12 $5,241,450 4.7 stars
13 Klaus Gosma Redfin 12 $4,098,900 4.6 stars
14 Allie Howard* Redfin 11 $6,515,168 4.4 stars
15 Michelle Swierz Redfin 11 $6,131,194 4.5 stars
16 Teresa Gallaher Redfin 11 $3,893,450 4.6 stars

*Allie also closed three additional deals not listed in the MLS.

Three more of our Seattle-area agents closed deals in the past three months:

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
24 Earnest Watts Redfin 9 $5,267,000 4.4 stars
331 Kathryn Rion Redfin 4 $1,515,150 4.7 stars
3166 Kurt Pepin Redfin 1 $381,000 4.4 stars

When you work with Redfin, you get great customer service while working with some of the most successful and active agents in the region.

Most agents spend around 80% of their time finding new clients, but Redfin agents don’t need to prospect since folks come to us on As a result, Redfin agents can spend all their time serving clients: answering questions, hosting home tours, writing and negotiating offers, and listing homes. Redfin agents are experts in today’s market because they spend more of their time in the market.

Our Clients Love Our Service

We survey every client and track every transaction in a central customer database. For the surveys we received in April, May & June from our clients in the Seattle area:

  • 1,498 clients responded to our customer-satisfaction survey and posted a review online
  • 1,476 of those clients, or 98%, would recommend Redfin to a friend

We ask customers to rate the likelihood that they would recommend Redfin to a friend on a 0-to-10 scale. Customers who rated 6 or higher count as people who would recommend Redfin to a friend. To learn more about how we survey our clients and calculate the customer ratings, check out our FAQ on agent reviews.

  • Chad Pluid

    Redfin truely is #1!

    • Buyers Advocates

      I absolutely agree with you, they're the best among the best.

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  • NWMLS Expert

    I do have to agree that Redfin provides an incredible service, especially with regards to the listing browsing experience. The majority of retail buyers are better off using Redfin then trying to wheel and deal on their own, that's for certain.

  • Dave

    Blow up your ego's some more while forgetting all about the people who helped you get where you are….kick them in the ass and slam the door on the way out….

  • Wescottrealty

    the concept is great. i do the same with commissions however the use of the “field agent” just showing a home takes away from the relationship between buyer and agent which really hurts the buyer in the long run. a good agent will ask questions to help the buyer understand and confirm what they really want or don't want rather than just look at a home with one agent one day and another agent the next. this relationship builds a real caring relationship for the agent and the agent then goes on a mission to find the perfect home for the buyer without the buyer having to do all the work and possibly missing some great homes in the process due to the buyer “having a life” and not spending every minute of the day on the computer searching. sure search criteria helps when programmed however it also eliminates homes the agent could see would be a perfect match with a few alterations and/or imagination which is ultimately the case most of the time. having to talk to different people throughout the process with looking, financing etc would get “detached” and confusing and really make the homebuying process more difficult. the agent should do it all. that's what we get paid to do and my clients are not just a business deal for me..they're people i really care about. my minimun is $3000 so i can help lower end buyers and those are the first time homebuyers. this 5500 minimum is for move up buyers…at least in pierce county where i do a lot of business…king too, though. been doing this for 20 years. top sales agent in pierce county. CYNDY ocean pacific realty 253-202-2700