It’s Bright to Tour In Dark and Stormy Weather

Guest post by Benjamin Sarao, Redfin Field Agent, Bellevue-Renton Team

Home buyers often let a little rain and cold weather wash away their plans for a productive weekend of house hunting. This past weekend was a good example.  All week, the Seattle weather forecast told us to start building arks and rounding up animals by the pair.  By Friday afternoon, I only had three tours on my weekend schedule. However, once the sun started shining, the home buyers lined up to see homes (and maybe even catch some rays in the process). That made me think: Even if it’s raining and cold outside, why not see a potential home that you would live in summer, autumn, winter, and spring?  Sure you might get a little wet, but there are several reasons to tour homes on a rainy day:

Lighting – It’s good to see a home when it’s cloudy in order to determine how bright the home really is inside.  A home that is bright, even on a cloudy day, is a good find.

Leaks and Flooding – Home inspectors say that inspecting a home on a rainy day enables them to see if there is water in the crawl spaces and other places you might not expect or want to see it. I wonder how many people buy in the summer and don’t find out about leaking or flooding issues until the first heavy, consistent rains of fall or early winter.

Heating – There’s nothing more inviting than a warm home on a cold winter day.  On a warm day, it’s pretty much impossible to tell whether a home will get drafty in the winter.

Missed Opportunities – If a house is new to the market in the autumn or winter, home buyers who brave the weather to see the property may have a competitive advantage over those who wait for a sunny day. I’ve seen good homes get snapped up by smart buyers who use the winter months to their advantage.

The Polite Factor – This one is a head-scratcher for me. Some people think agents don’t tour in the rain. A client recently apologized to me for scheduling  a tour on a rainy day.  My response: Redfin tours homes in all kinds of weather! We understand that our home buyers will reside in their properties year-round. Why not see a home on a rainy or crisp winter day?

Certainly, everyone wants to see their future dream home in the best possible light. But here in Seattle, there are days when we’re going to see a property though a filter of clouds and often mixed with a little drizzle. Once you embrace that as a potential home buyer, you’ll be in a better position to find the right home for you.

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  • Kathi Kelly-Billings

    Great post, Ben! Just yesterday I was in a distressed house with some customers and noticed a very large pool of water in the corner of a garage. The roof was leaking horribly. I am sure I would have missed the other signs on a dry, sunny day as it was in a secluded area of the garage and it is not a place I normally inspect very well.

    Touring distressed properties is especially “bright” on a rainy day!