Where Are the Seattle Homes for Sale? Go West, Young Man!

The number of homes for sale was down 5.7% across Seattle in March, so we wondered which neighborhood still had the most yard signs. Come claim your prize, West Seattle!

While West Seattle’s inventory took a big hit (down 10.6% from February and 47.7% from last March) along with the rest, its 278 homes for sale beat out Rainier Valley (169), downtown Seattle (164) and Queen Anne (126) to keep the crown. Several popular areas within the neighborhood even had more homes for sale than in February:  Alki was up 11.1% and North Delridge was up 57.1%. Still, with more than a third of the homes for sale in West Seattle, Delridge’s fate became the fate of West Seattle, and inventory in Delridge fell 8.3% from February.

Of the different types of homes, single-family home inventory fared the best in West Seattle,  down only 8.7% month over month (44% year over year), while condos and townhomes were down 16% and 10% month over month respectively.

What about prices?

The median sale price for a single family home in West Seattle fell 18.5% from February to $299,000. That drop put it back below the median sale price for King County ($333,000), after a price spike drove it above King County median sale price in February.  The median sale price in Seattle was $422,500.

What does this mean for home buyers?

With the low inventory, buyers are putting up a fight for any move-in-ready home that gets put on the market. Redfin agent Dan Mullins took his clients to see a home in the Belvidere area of West Seattle at mid-day on the day the home was listed. They found that the home had sold for all cash, above asking price in the first 60 minutes on the market. Things are moving fast, so Dan recommends buyers in West Seattle move quickly and put their best offer in first, since they likely won’t get another shot.

  • Dwbowers

    I was lucky enough to have my offer on a Queen Anne house accepted this week.  I've been looking for the “right house” for about 2.5 years and finally found it this week!  Trevor Smith at Redfin did an awesome job of getting me into the house within an hour of it being listed.  We made our offer that evening.  The home had 3 offers on it so Trevor suggested adding an escalation clause to our offer.  I took Trevor's advice and we won the house by only $1K over the next highest offer.  I ended up paying $27K over asking price.

    This article seems to relate to West Seattle but I can say from first hand experience that well priced homes in Seattle are selling very quickly.  Buyers need to be prepared to make their offer immediately if they want the house.

  • Angi

    Homes that are in good condition at affordable prices are going quickly up in Everett too! I have an offer (since February) in on a Short Sale and the process is frustrating! Values are still coming down and at this rate it may not appraise by the time I finally get an answer! I totally agree! If you see a place that you know in your head and heart that if someone else got it you would be upset… then that is it! Make the offer! It may be gone before the next day!