In case you missed it over on the corporate blog, Redfin has just launched our Android app! (And there was much rejoicing.) Android fans have been very, very vocal about wanting their own Redfin app, and thanks to the hard work of a crack team of engineers, the day has arrived. Go find out more!… Read More

Letter from West Seattle

Every month, we publish a nationwide newsletter to hundreds of thousands of people. Many write back, asking me for pricing advice on their Boca Raton condo or their Berkeley ashram, and I always try to hook up my new pen-pal with a true local expert. Usually, that’s the last I hear of it. But this… Read More

Details, Details

Hey all, So, my original plan was to write a big long post going over every last nook ‘n cranny of our reader poll results in painstaking detail. But then I remembered that I basically have the attention span of a fruit fly. So instead, I’m just going to post Pretty Bar Graphs of the… Read More

Got Styrofoam?

If you’re moving, have moved, will be moving, will have been moving, or will have had been moving, you’ll probably end up with a lot of styrofoam: packing peanuts, styrofoam sheets, big bulky blocks… you know the stuff. I bought a house a year ago and I’ve got a garage full of the stuff. I… Read More

Waving as I Run By

Hey everyone! I wanted to say a big fat wet sloppy thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s reader poll. There were nearly 800 of you, and almost everyone had something useful, informative, or enlightening to contribute. (There was, of course, a small but vocal minority who did nothing but make dirty jokes… Read More