Why We Love The Real Estate Industry, Part 23

There are times when traditional agents’ mania to defend 6% becomes psychotic. Oddly, this is when I feel the deepest connection to the industry.
Take for example, Bernice L. Ross, author of a 300+ book called “Waging War on Real Estate’s Discounters.” The book promises to teach agents “tired of having to defend your commission at every turn” how to “defeat your foes,” the discounters, which she describes as “well-funded giants… waging war on traditional brokerage.”
Bernice’s Table of Contents is stunning:
–> Chapter 19, Trouncing Traitors within Your Ranks: Hanging “Benedict Arnold”
–> Chapter 24, The Ultimate Secret Weapon: The “A-bomb”
–> Chapter 25, Crouch in Cowardice or March Nobly Into Battle
Who wouldn’t be intrigued to meet this woman?

Our founder, David Eraker, ordered Bernice’s 80+ script cards off eBay, but we hesitated to blog about them because we aren’t really a discounter. Just as E-Trade isn’t a discount stock brokerage, we’re not a discount real estate brokerage. We’re an online realtor, offering a different service at a radically different price, not the same service at a slightly lower price.

But the truth is, the script cards are just too fun to pass up:
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For those who don’t mind the “crouching in cowardice,” the book and the flash cards are available at a discount.