Budgets and Cash

Today’s most popular home is in San Francisco’s Richmond district and is very close to Golden Gate Park. Priced at $799,000, this 2 bedroom flat has 1 bathroom, a sunroom, 2 parking spaces, and approximately 1700 square feet. Just by looking at the photos, I already know I would have a funky feeling standing inside the place. It has a very strange mixture of new and old.


I like the curved ceilings in the living room. It gives it a nice elegant feel. The new carpets were probably a requirement. And the bathroom is totally modernized. The area that weirds me out is the kitchen. What’s up with the 1980s cabinets mixed in with the 1970s countertops that don’t match the tile floors. Everyone knows to invest any remodel funds into the kitchen and bathrooms, but invest wisely. Don’t go all out on one room, and not the other. It’s always good to balance the two rooms out.