Only Three Days Left……

Today’s most popular property is 4010 Villa Vera in Palo Alto. This 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Silicon Valley townhouse features all the ingredients of a Miami South Beach hotel (pools, spas and high-net worth neighbors). Selling at $899,000, this property may be the answer to those late night urges to jump into the pool.


I must admit that I am happily surprised at the activity over the Christmas Holiday. In years past I have found that most buyers stayed away from year end purchases. However, this Christmas l received five wonderful gifts disguised as, “Ask about a listing”, emails. I responded to each of the them with a child like energy between cups of hot apple cider and slices of roast beef. Never mind the last minute shopping and the traffic delays it seems that at least some people think that the “greatest gift” that one can receive this year is the “pride of ownership”.