Berkeley: Only the Best Will Do

I made the mistake of taking my 8-year-old son along to see this $3.4 million stunner in the Berkeley hills. He is now convinced we are moving forthwith into the lap of luxury and nothing less than this home will do.


Behind its deceptively modest adobe facade this house is gleaming, glossy and sleek. No expense has been spared on creature comforts and style. Set into the hill on three levels, it is a cohesive wash of dark chocolate-colored wood floors and tasteful contemporary furniture in varying shades of taupe and beige.

On the first floor, the kitchen, which seemed bigger than the living room to me, boasts an array of state-of-the-art fittings including a giant Wolf range, a “coffee system” (whatever that is), a pastry station and two (get that, two) double dishwashers.


The bathroom for the master suite is jaw-droppingly OTT (over the top). The shower is so big a marching band could comfortably partake of communal ablutions within it.


The lowest level includes a nicely designed wine cellar with enough room for 1,000 bottles, a bar with built-in fish tank that wouldn’t look out of place at the Monterey Aquarium, a media room with the biggest sofa I have ever seen and a wonderful deck, complete with hot tub, that looks over a leafy terraced garden with its own creek. (Bay views are limited.)

Worth noting perhaps that for a lot of mulah you get just three bedrooms. And there’s a vacant lot/read possible future construction site next door.

“Why have such a large shower?” I wondered. “Because they can,” my (adult) companion answered. And that points to the whole philosophy behind this home – if you can afford it, why not have it all?