Berkeley: Putting the Hustle and Bustle Behind You

It’s not news that Bay views are much sought-after if you are want to live in the Berkeley Hills — to the extent that realtors have been known to stretch the term a little, as in: “yes, you can get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge if you stand on the toilet in the top bathroom and crane your neck at a 45 degree angle”.

Then there are those who deliberately choose to turn their backs on the Bay, and instead embrace the bucolic beauty of Tilden Regional Park.


This wood-cabin-like home on the wonderfully named Wildcat Canyon Road is such a house. The air seems more cleansed up here than down in the flatlands. The view from the home’s front deck (below) is lovely, even when the weather is overcast such as on the day I visited.


For what seems a reasonable $925,000 this house offers a peaceful, light-filled retreat surrounded by trees and rolling hills. The layout is unusual – one bedroom is immediately off the first floor living and kitchen area. The other two are in distinct parts of the house so very private.

There’s an upper gallery which includes a living room with freestanding woodstove and a little artist’s nook (below). One of the bathrooms has a sunken tub. Altogether the mood is very mellow.


Not great for kids — too serene; nor for the elderly, probably — too many steps up to the front of the house.

A couple looking to escape the urban jungle perhaps?