Finally, Remodeling That Doesn’t Make You Want to Remodel: Beautiful Noe TIC Flats

I instinctively distrust “recently remodeled” homes. The term “taken down to the studs” does nothing to comfort me; instead I worry what was wrong with all the layers over the studs for all those hundreds of years the building stood before someone finally righted the egregious (hazardous? Toxic?) wrongs. I always expect a mismatch of 60′s appliances, 70′s linoleum, frosted glass from the Miami Vice 80′s, all lacquered over with a thin veneer of Ikea cabinetry.

These TIC’s have changed my mind. Each of the rooms in these spacious single story flats has been cared for, revamped both for aesthetic purposes (gleaming wood floors, warm and slightly bohemian wall colors) and for those purposes that continue to matter after you’ve fallen in love, bought the house, and realize you must now pay the bills.


This means low flow toilets, excellent insulation, a capped foundation. Safe and ecological, these flats also offer gorgeous new kitchens, formal dining rooms– plus the soaring ceilings, dappled light, and carefully articulated moldings and trim you expect from a Noe Valley Victorian. Indeed, though the building is hundreds of years old, you do not get the feeling someone only realized it needed care and love yesterday. The remodeling here was done with full respect to for the classic beauty of this building, but tempered by modern sensibilities- and a welcome absence of Ikea cabinetry.


Building sale history: sold 10/2000 for $1,311,000, Currently 4 of 6 total units for sale
Price: $599,000 (2 Br, 1 Ba) -$720,000 (4br, 1 Ba)
Location: 188-194 Noe Street at 15th St.
Sq. Ft.: varies
MLS: #317663
Open House: Sunday, Feb. 18, 2pm-4pm