Sebastopol: Starry, Starry Night.


This is a house I hate to admit that I sorta, kinda loved. It’s on one of my favorite roads in Sebastopol; if you are considering the West County at all, you should drive out here if only to take in the sheer beauty of its hilly verdant fertility. When I drove up, I thought this house looked like a nice, custom tract in Windsor; predictable and slightly disappointing for this typically creative and somewhat architecturally advanced part of the county. I was not fond of parking in front of the garage with its tight 90° turn off the one-lane road and slant downward toward the house. Still, I forgive those flaws. Because once I got inside, the lay-out of the house and the exterior landscape won me over.

Vanilla as it may be, this house has features that make it a most versatile, comfortable and useable domicile. The view from the rear of the house and upstairs is fabulous. Built in 1996, its tall living room ceiling, large openings to the view and master bath with deep tub are the kinds of items that smart developers now squeeze into the most modest of cracker boxes. Nice features when you don’t have to retrofit them into a house built in say 1945 – a more typical era in this berg and price-range.


Priced at near a mil, I think that the finish work (especially the interior doors and hardware) could stand to be of a better quality. All of it felt like it was right off the shelf of Home Depot. The bedrooms are a tad small and a bit too communal for my tastes – but then I’ve raised three to adulthood, so my aversion to anything but extreme privacy comes from spending decades of quality time with the kidlettes. Still, it’s a good layout for a young family with separation anxiety and/or lactating infants; and the agent told me that the house comes with plans to add a new master wing.

With its peak of the ocean from the upstairs, and nice brick paving and landscaping, it’s a place you could be proud to own. Ask about converting to sewer – it’s available here, though the house is functioning just fine on septic. With only 10 years on the current systems, you should expect lots of flushes, even with teenagers at home. This house is vacant, but lightly staged, so perhaps there is room in the price for some negotiating. If it’s anywhere near your price range, check it out.