Berkeley: A Room (or Several) With A View

Street names can be funny things. “Wisteria Lane” in a gritty urban ghetto, say, or “Royal Crescent” in a humdrum suburban cul-de-sac.

Panoramic Way in Berkeley’s hills lives up to its name. I discovered it recently on a morning hike with a friend and it wasn’t just because I was out of breath after climbing Claremont Canyon to get there that I had to keep stopping to admire the view. It really does offer the most stunning vistas of the Bay, including the skyline of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Panoramic Way is also “above it all” in a different way. It’s a meandering, twisting street with several switchbacks along the way. You might want to check out the time it would take a fire engine to make its way to your home before buying here.

But if you are a professor at UC Berkeley’s Clark Kerr consider this: if you lived on Panoramic Way you could roll out of bed and down the hill to the campus before beginning your morning lecture (as demonstrated by map, below).


There are two properties you might want to check out on this rather amazing road:

265 Panoramic Way is a $1,045,000, mid-century contemporary, three-bedroom that’s “Coming Soon” courtesy of The Grubb Company.

And the local paper lists 200 Panoramic Way as having an open house on March 4. It looks like a rather grand pile (below), priced at $2.75 million, but I advise double checking it’s still on the market before venturing up to the hills. A little online research didn’t inspire confidence either with regard to its price or its availability.