Berkeley: The Latest Must-Have

mud%20room.jpg mud%20room%202.jpg mud%20rooms%203.jpg mud%20room%204.jpg

Mud rooms – bigger and better mud rooms — are the “new new” thing according to a piece in Thursday’s New York Times. We have Martha Stewart to blame apparently (and for a whole lot more I might add). (No-one has mud rooms in Manhattan, of course. No space. All the examples came from California, Massachusetts or Maine.)

I’ve seen some impressive mud rooms in my travels to open houses in Berkeley. One was designed specifically for the home’s canine residents, with tailor-made tub/shower, complete with doggie toiletries, and a Dalsouple rubber floor. It was in this $3.4 million pad, pictured below, which is still for sale after 45 days on the market. In case you just can’t resist the concept.