Inner-Sunset’s Best View

The outside of 1762 12th Avenue does not do its interior justice. Painted primer-grey, this home’s exterior design is lacking. The enormous tree in front of the home combined with the fog that had recently rolled in gave this area a gloomy atmosphere.


Once inside, however, the entire home turns around. The wood floors and staircase railings are made of exotic woods that offer a unique style to the home. At the top of the landing, occupants are provided with a panoramic view of the Marin Headlands and the rest of the Sunset District to the Ocean. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the living and dining room areas, offering ample natural lighting. The home has a wrap-around deck that would be inviting were it not so cold outside today. The fireplace can be viewed from the dining room, living room, and the newly remodeled open kitchen.

At a price that rivals many other homes in the Sunset district, this inner-Sunset home is located in a quiet neighborhood at the top of a hill–almost into Golden Gate Heights. The floor plan is excellent and the rooms have a nice flow into one another. To the right of the landing are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all with fresh paint and ample natural light. The master suite has an amazing closet, the open design is different; the bathroom and vanity are beautiful.


I strongly suggest that anyone interested in getting the most for their money look at this home before they purchase anywhere else in the Sunset for this price.