Newark: I’m Confused!

I find Newark an interestingly odd little town. It is completely surrounded by Fremont. Living here could be a hit or miss I suppose.


The house at 7775 Sunset Ave. is quite charming, but the neighborhood it’s in…well, charming isn’t the word I would use. More like a hodge-podge of people, small stores, and homes that don’t seem to blend…but do. As you can tell I am confused when talking about Newark so let’s just talk about the house itself. Its 1820 sq. ft. of living space is nicely arranged. You first enter into a nice sized living room with a dining room right beyond it and beyond that is a large kitchen.

To the right of the living room are 2 large master bedrooms and 2 smaller bedrooms. Both masters have elegant bathrooms and the 3rd bathroom is shared between the two smaller bedrooms. Both masters have sliding doors leading to the backyard which is well-manicured.


All-in-all for $799,000 this is a great deal. It’s just the dang neighborhood, or maybe its Newark itself…heck, I don’t know. It could be a tough decision for some and not for others. You got to go see for yourself.

GPS Coordinates: N 37 31.830/W 122 02.580