Berkeley: Condo With Continental Vibe


This $499,000 1-bed/1-bath condo on College Avenue had a distinctly European, or possibly New York, feel to me.

I think it had to do with the 1920s architectural features including the living room/bedroom suite, hardwood floors and two former Murphy beds in each of the main rooms.

The realtor who was showing the place agreed with me and even said she thought it could be a Belgian apartment, which was slightly spooky as I grew up in Belgium, but people rarely mention the place in daily conversations.

Anyway, for a hefty $624/sq ft, you don’t get a huge amount of space and the kitchen and adjoining (communal) laundry room could do with some serious sprucing up.

You do get light and relative quiet as the condo is on the back of the building which is set back from the street. And you get off-street parking although the location, in a good neighborhood, is well suited for walking and public transit.