Berkeley Hills: How To Lose Track Of Those Annoying Family Members


Don’t make the mistake I did and come into this huge Mission-style home through its lower entrance on Grand View Drive (above). If you do, your whole impression of the house will be skewed as the first thing you see is an apartment with a poky kitchen and barely any views.

And of course, with a street name like this, you expect views – big, stupendous views.


And you will get them if you enter through the beautiful chunky wood front door, past the adobe courtyard and waterfall, and see the house, which is set on three lots, as it is meant to be seen.

It’s so big I lost track of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms (4/4.5). (In fact if you wanted to accidentally/on-purpose mislay other members of your household – pesky teenagers say – this is the house for you as it could have one or even two separate units.)

There’s an enormous, gourmet open-plan kitchen and elegant living area. There are seven (yes, seven) terraces with views of the Bay, San Francisco and the Berkeley/Oakland hills.


The hand plastered walls, limestone floors, forged ironwork and artfully distressed stonework (such as in the bathroom, below) contribute to the Mediterranean feel.


It’s a very vertical house: there are lots of steps leading you up and down the many stories. And it calls for hot sunny days. Cozy it is not.