Berkeley: Home As Little Jane And Johnny Might Imagine It


The best views are reserved for the kids in this very solid feeling Tudor-style home on Alvarado Road.

Right at the top of a very steep garden, that has an Italianate feel with brick terraces and fountains, is a children’s play area with sand pit and swing set. And it is from there that one can see the Bay and skyline of San Francisco.

The house feels like it would make a good family home. In fact it is just what a child might come up with if they were asked to design a house: there’s the pitched roof, a traditional layout with an entrance hallway and all the bedrooms upstairs (not always the case in the homes I see) and the garden at the back.

A child would probably have allowed more space in the otherwise luxurious kitchen in which to eat – no kid wants the formality of a dining room – as there is just a small eating nook.

There are characterful touches like the rounded tops of some of the doors and an appealing sitting area in the upper hallway.

A couple viewing the $1,395,000 house remarked on how favorably it compared to some much more expensive homes they had just seen in Piedmont. But that’s the Piedmont factor (which can be summed up as good schools and the perception of a safer — read exclusive — neighborhood) and that’s a whole other story.