Fremont: A Dwelling

When I first drove up to 3855 Jersey Rd. it looked like a house trying to be a condo. Hardly any front yard and just a few feet away from houses on each side that look just like this one. And then when I went inside it felt like a condo trying to be a house.

Okay, so I have basically learned to accept the whole ‘is it an apartment, a condo or a townhouse’ thing that has happened in the real estate market over the last several years. But now what is this thing of detached houses that feel like condos? Maybe we should just call all living facilities ‘dwellings’ to simplify all of this.


So here we go…this ‘dwelling’ of 1,724 sq. ft. being offered at $749,888 is rather charming. It has a nice homey feel to it. I especially liked a ½ bath off the living room part way up the stairs. Just something a little different than I’ve seen before I suppose. The flyer called it ‘executive living’ which I beg to differ. I see it as more of a starter home for a small family.

And I will be honest, it needs some work done on the inside and in the backyard. The upstairs bedroom carpets were stained in several places and the artificial turf in the backyard looked weathered to me. I would want a much bigger yard, more privacy (meaning more distance from my neighbors) and definitely new carpeting for the current asking price. The flier touts a ‘prewired 5 speaker expensive Bose sound system…’ so I definitely would want to have more space between my dwelling and the neighbor’s dwellings.

GPS coordinates: N 37 31.085/W 121 57.193